Baby Greyson // A Birth Story

It's honestly a honor and a privilege to capture my clients in all the different phases of their lives, so when Ryann and Ross contacted me to document their birth story I could not have been more excited! It's such a sweet time to see a couple in love have a child and become a family. These photos were taken over 3 months as I photographed Ryann and Ross through their pregnancy, baby Greyson's birth and then a couple weeks later for their newborn session. Ross and Ryann are amazing people,  and a true gift to work with, baby Grey is so fortunate to have such wonderful parents! Congratulations you guys! 2013-12-21_0029.jpg 2013-12-21_0030.jpg 2013-12-21_0031.jpg 2013-12-21_0032.jpg 2013-12-21_0033.jpg 2013-12-21_0034.jpg 2013-12-21_0035.jpg 2013-12-21_0036.jpg 2013-12-21_0037.jpg 2013-12-21_0038.jpg 2013-12-21_0039.jpg 2013-12-21_0040.jpg 2013-12-21_0041.jpg 2013-12-21_0042.jpg