The Williams Family

A couple weeks ago I did this little family shoot with my sister Katie her husband Ryan, and my adorable nephew Henry! Our family recently moved back to the states from living in Haiti, and I'm still pinching myself that we get to live so close to my side of the family again. It's so great to be in the same city with these lovely people!2013-08-31_0024.jpg 2013-08-31_0023.jpg 2013-08-31_0022.jpg 2013-08-31_0021.jpg 2013-08-31_0020.jpg 2013-08-31_0019.jpg 2013-08-31_0025.jpg 2013-08-31_0026.jpg 2013-08-31_0027.jpg 2013-08-31_0028.jpg 2013-08-31_0029.jpg 2013-08-31_0018.jpg