The Harlow Family // Bellemeade Plantation

  Nashville will always hold a special place in my heart, it's one of my favorite cities, with my favorite people and is actually where my husband Paul and I got married!  I try to go to Nashville at least a couple times a year, and when you have a beautiful family to photograph, it makes it all that much easier!

Brea was one of the first people I met after moving to Nashville, she has cut and colored my hair for the last 10 years, and let me tell you...she is amazing.  If you're near Nashville and you're looking for a stylist, you've found your girl!  Seriously, just do it.  When Brea and Sean asked me to come photograph her family in honor of their second baby Sylvia of course I couldn't resist!  Sean and Brea are so sweet and in love, and little Owen is the cutest thing ever:)  Enjoy!!

2014-01-23_0001.jpg 2014-01-23_0002.jpg 2014-01-23_0003.jpg 2014-01-23_0004.jpg 2014-01-23_0005.jpg 2014-01-23_0006.jpg 2014-01-23_0007.jpg 2014-01-23_0008.jpg 2014-01-23_0009.jpg 2014-01-23_0010.jpg 2014-01-23_0011.jpg 2014-01-23_0012.jpg 2014-01-23_0013.jpg 2014-01-23_0014.jpg