Jordan+Izzy // A Cherokee Park Engagement

I met Jordan and Izzy at Cherokee Park here in Louisville on a crowded Saturday evening, the leaves were falling and the colors were absolutely beautiful. Their love for eachother is so evident it was such a joy to capture them on camera. I'm so excited to photograph their wedding in May! Congratulations you guys! 2013-12-02_0014.jpg 2013-12-02_0015.jpg 2013-12-02_0016.jpg 2013-12-02_0017.jpg 2013-12-02_0018.jpg 2013-12-02_0019.jpg 2013-12-02_0020.jpg 2013-12-02_0021.jpg 2013-12-02_0022.jpg 2013-12-02_0023.jpg 2013-12-02_0024.jpg 2013-12-02_0025.jpg 2013-12-02_0026.jpg