Cory + Chelsea // A Christmas Proposal Story

I'm so excited to share this proposal story with you today!  It seems especially fitting that in a few hours we're embarking on a new year, and this is the story of Cory and Chelsea committing to walking down the aisle and  to begin a brand new life together! Cory contacted me to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend Chelsey, his plan was to propose on the 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve.  Chelsea loves Christmas lights so Cory decided to plan a special light show for her for their engagement!  He worked with a friend at his work to fabricate a GROUPON with his address on it titled "Christmas in the Country" including a light show, carolers, hot chocolate and more!  After dinner on the 23rd he handed her the groupon and told her he had found the light show in the country she dreamed about!  Cory said, "We arrived and she knew I was up to something when I opened the barn door and had our favorite music playing!  The GROUPON mentioned it would be a "night to remember"- she now knows why that is!"

After the proposal all their friends came down to surprise Chelsea and celebrate their new engagement!  I mean talk about perfect!  So happy for these two!!!


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