Baby Mikel // Newborn

Oh gosh I love photographing families, it's so amazing to see the bonds that form so quickly between parents and a new sweet baby!  I photographed brand new baby Mikel with his parents a few days before Christmas, he was only 8 days old.  I love the joy on their faces, and all of his sweet expressions.  Congratulations you guys!2013-12-28_0014.jpg 2013-12-28_0015.jpg 2013-12-28_0016.jpg 2013-12-28_0017.jpg 2013-12-28_0018.jpg 2013-12-28_0019.jpg 2013-12-28_0020.jpg 2013-12-28_0021.jpg 2013-12-28_0022.jpg 2013-12-28_0023.jpg 2013-12-28_0024.jpg 2013-12-28_0025.jpg 2013-12-28_0026.jpg 2013-12-28_0028.jpg